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For all your essential opensource programs.
Easy and convenient. Just pick the programs you want, then it packages it into one easy installer for you.

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Tequila for the true connoisseur since 1995. Aging for four years gives this world-class tequila its amber color and spectacular flavor blend of rose petal, vanilla and citrus with an amazing aroma and sweet cocoa-like finish.
Aroma: Delicate scent of agave, dry wood, vanilla, cinnamon and rose petal
Taste: Complex balance of cooked agave, rich vanilla, toasted oak and dried fruit
Finish: Creamy and soft with long aftertaste
Age: 49 months
Alcohol Content: 40%

Probably the best Tequila ever made!! …. and I love tequila’s.
If you’re thinking Jose Cuervo and Patron are the best tequila’s out there, you have a lot to learn.
Have you ever had those tequila shots with a harsh after taste and a killer hangover the next day?
….. thats because its a cheap alcohol.
Here are some tips on choosing a good Tequila;

Blanco (because it’s totally clear) – no aging
Reposado – minimally aged at least 2 months, but can be up to 1 year
Anejo – heavily aged, minimally 1 year but less than 3 years.

Blanco’s are typically the one’s which are quite harsh on the palate, so if you don’t like harshness like myself you should stick to the Reposado & Anejo blends.
Another thing to keep in mind is make sure you get a Tequila which is 100% agave, not a blend.

In a more normal price range, tequilas I would recommend if you are looking for one that is “smooth”:

Cazadores reposado
anything by Herradura or Don Julio
Corzo reposado (please note this is not Cuervo)
anything by Pura Sangre
anything by Centinela
anything by Cabo Wabo
anything by Arette
anything by Dos Lunas

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I just stumbled onto this site and it has the COOOOOLEST things!!

One that really caught my eye is the Lens mug;

The wide angle / fish eye / Macro lens for iPhone;

and many more…. check it out!! 🙂

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Ninja Bread Men!! 🙂

They’re cut out for action! These stealthy shinobi warriors are set to sneak into your kitchen and stage a cookie coup! Cut, bake, decorate… and then watch them disappear! Add swords, nunchaku, and shuriken stars with icing and toothpicks for more ambiance!

They’re cut out for action!

The Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters are molded from rugged, food-safe ABS plastic.

Check it out – http://www.perpetualkid.com/ninjabread-men-cookie-cutter.aspx

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