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When you’re making clothes for real guys, you want to model them on real guys, right? In which case, there’s really no better man to shoot them than Scott Schuman, better known to millions of American GQ readers as The Sartorialist. In case you’ve been living in the middle of a fashion desert (not hard, perhaps, in this vast land), Schuman’s schtick is finding guys on the streets and snapping them in their own stylish gear. He then publishes the shots in US GQ and on his website (thesartorialist.blogspot.com).

For the launch of the Saba Denim collection, he’s applied his fashion-conscious eye to the streets and laneways of Melbourne, the label’s hometown, where there’s no shortage of real guys with real style. The only difference here is that he’s teamed their own gear with Saba jeans, creating looks that range from quirkily cool to suavely sophisticated.

At Saba Denim, the white jean is definitely making a comeback in 2009, accompanying the staple black, black and black. Nothing too risky in terms of cut and finish, but like a lot of ranges, this one is going back to basics, priced affordably and minimally branded to slip into the rest of your wardrobe

Who for: Stylemeisters unafraid to mix chain store with designer.

Where for: The street. Where else?

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The Hugging Salt & Pepper shakers are designed by Alberto Mantilla they are sentimental Salt & Pepper shakers locked in embrace to connote love and affection. That might sound a bit gay, but seriously, I think they’re cool.

I saw these in a market (most likely imitations) in Penang, Malaysia and bought a few for presents when I got back.

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Shown in 2004 as a concept, TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4 Limited Edition is now available: made with 170g of platinum, it features cutting edge belt drives, linear mass and ball bearings. If you have money to burn and an avid watch collector this is one to look out for. Ticket price on one of these babies will set you back approx. $97,000…. I know, but look how sexy it is 🙂

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The National Smokejumper Association’s official timepiece, the SmokeJumper GMT Worldtime features three time functions and silver or black colorways; 1% is donated to the NSA.


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Some pretty cool looks here. I had a browse through the site and it has some interesting things to say.

They have a fashion, style and grooming section.

Check it out.


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Tokyoflash continue to astound with their watch designs. If produced, the Instant Trend would have a dot-matrix display that pairs with your phone to view tweets and facebook notifications.


This watch looks like something you saw in those futuristic movies. Its amazing to see some of these ideas from 20 years ago come to life.

The time would be a bit annoying to read, “Reading the time is simple, just add the blocks; 12 blocks for hours, 5 blocks for groups of 10 minutes and single minutes 1-9.”, however the design of this watch is fantastic.

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