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I just stumbled onto this site and it has the COOOOOLEST things!!

One that really caught my eye is the Lens mug;

The wide angle / fish eye / Macro lens for iPhone;

and many more…. check it out!! 🙂

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The ARC is a concept mobile recovery unit which was designed for the military as a concept by Leong Huang Zi. It is a duo-fan propeller aircraft which would be used for extraction or medivac scenario’s.

Check it out on this link

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An SLR That’s Easy On The Face

As far as tech concepts are concerned we see most designers lure in as many specs as possible, just to make the gadget geeky enough for the pros. The Sony Alpha SLR Concept promises no high-funda tech-specs and simply addresses the issue of ergonomics. The theory being that a flat back on any camera is a pain on the wrist and facial features like nose-protrusion and chubby-cheeks! Solution: Sony Alpha – featuring a slanted rear. The tilted back is easy on the wrist and face.

The design was done by Abel Verdezoto I.
This is a mean looking SLR, practical, and just down right sexy.
I would definitely want to get one! 🙂

To check out more on this click here.

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Truely awesome!! Ferrari 612 GTO Concept slicker than slick, looks meaner and sportier. I like the new look of the 612 GTO. I hope they end up making it. *squirt* 🙂

You can check out some more pics at this link –

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Hold your breath for 4 minutes, and watch this unreal clip of freediver Gillaume Nery, as he jumps head first into Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole on the planet. (Note: Fiction, but still cool).

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Racer X Design’s proposed 2+2 Bugatti Streamliner is actually based on the Bentley Continental GT platform, but it sure doesn’t look like any Bentley we’ve ever seen. Now if only it actually existed.
This is awesome! I want one noooooooowwwww! 🙂

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History Pin

This clever website mashes up Google Maps street view locations with old photographs taken at precisely the same spot years ago. So far, they’ve got over 2000 pics, and you can submit your own.

Check it out –

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