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Amanda Carrier

Los Angeles, California

Best thing about L.A.: “I like the attitude out here. Everyone has a goal.”
Worst thing about L.A.: “The parking is way worse than the traffic. Since I moved here I have gotten a million parking tickets. You have to obsess about it: Is there enough money in the meter? It’s a pain.”
Profession: Model/actress
First job: Pizza delivery girl. “I made a lot of money. People were tipping me well.”
Favorite musician: Missy Elliott
Upcoming plans: “I want to go skydiving. I don’t know where this is coming from, but lately I’ve been kind of fearless.”

Many girls move to L.A. and feel overwhelmed. Not Amanda, though—which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows her. After all, Amanda acknowledges she’s been in five “real fistfights.” (That’s two more than Mom!) “When I was growing up, the girls were really jealous and catty,” she recalls, adding, “I always came up the winner.”

Her punching prowess makes sense, for Amanda adores pugilism. “I started boxing a little, and I just love it,” she says. “It’s a great way to relieve stress.”

Turns out that her ring opponents get off easy, for this Louisiana-born beauty has an even more rugged new hobby: firearms. “I like going to the shooting range,” Amanda declares. “I shoot AK-47s. I can handle the throwback. I’m pretty strong.” Watch yourself, California!

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