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Ruben Vela designer of the DB One Concept and a recent addition to the Aston Martin design team in 2007. He has transformed the classic, sleek, sexy, luxury car and made the designs of the past look like antiques. Not that the Aston Martin wasn’t good enough before but the new found dynamism is worth looking at. Ruben Vela is a Spanish designer who has just finished his Masters Degree in Automotive Design in 2006 from Polytechnic University in Valencia. Based on these designs, I would assume he was amongst the top of his class.

The DB-ONE Concept he designed is widely based on the concept of dynamic lines and smooth curves. The front grille is larger in comparison to the other Aston models and looks quite prominent. The narrow slit headlights define the shape amazingly well.

It is sex on wheels, what I would give to even wash this car. 🙂

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