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Part skateboard, part Segway, part tank, the DTV Shredder ($TBA) is one of the craziest contraptions we’ve seen this year. It features a normal skateboard deck and trucks, which are mounted to a powerful motor, and two tank threads — mounted below and to the sides of the deck — capable of going over snow, sand, dirt, ice, and nearly any other non-paved surface you can think of at speeds of up to 30 mph, or plenty fast enough to give you some gnarly injuries should you happen to shred a bit too hard.

Check it out – here

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….. This is epically awesome! lol
Being a sneaker freak, and an Iron man enthusiast; these shoes are something that I would like to get.

These are custom made by Diversitile Custom Clothing and they also do other custom styles.
Check it out – http://store.diversitile.com/categories/Custom-Shoes/Men’s/

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Racer X Design’s proposed 2+2 Bugatti Streamliner is actually based on the Bentley Continental GT platform, but it sure doesn’t look like any Bentley we’ve ever seen. Now if only it actually existed.
This is awesome! I want one noooooooowwwww! 🙂

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Do you have an evil lair? or are you just one classy mofo, cognac sipping, suave, smooth operator, that just needs a chair to chill back in?

Well, this chair’s for you.

A Danish design based on the 1950’s with supple, hand-distressed leather for vintage appeal, and a full 360 degree swivel action.

Perfect for execution of a “turn around chair reveal”

“Hello Mr Bond…”

Cue dramatic music intro…. 🙂

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