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Gotta love the Asian girl groups 🙂

Its actually kinda catchy…. I have no idea what they are saying though. hahaha

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Ashley Greene – Actress / Model

We hear you’re into tae kwan do.
I did it when I was younger; I was such a little tomboy. Eventually I was like, Fighting girls is boring- can’t I just fight the boys?

So you started taking on guys?
I fought the boys, because I had beat up all the girls. I made this guy I had a crush on bleed. We were sparring, and I kicked him in the nose.

Your character in the movie can see the future. What do you see in yours?
No guys and lots of work.

You see no guys in your future?
My managers and my agents and my mom are like, “No boys!” Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend. We could watch movies, make dinner, and cuddle. But that’s what girlfriends are for.

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Who can say no to Scarlett Johansson?

Seriously, this sexy seductress will have you on your knees before you can say “I think I just wet my pants”.

Raaar! Too bad she isnt in a lot of stuff. Well, nothing that I have seen before. She has a lot of minor roles in movies and shows which is a shame.

Although she may not be a versatile actress, she is very easy on the eyes. 🙂

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