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Ducati… and AMG? Yup. This unholy marriage of the performance-obsessed has resulted in this: the Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition ($TBA). As you might expect, it scores high marks in both the aesthetic and speed departments, offering up signature AMG five-spoke wheels, carbon fiber radiator grills with aluminum trim, an AMG-style sport exhaust system, an AMG-style horizontally-ribbed seat in Alcantara, hand-set cam timing with the name of the technician engraved on the engine casing, a numbered plaque on the fuel tank, a Testastretta 11° engine, and spectacular matte black carbon fiber bodywork.

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Sometimes concept cars are simply production model previews. The Ford Evos Concept ($TBA) is not one of them. This four-door, four-seat fastback operates on a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid powertrain, and apart from the strikingly sexy body and gullwing-style front and rear doors makes technology the focus, with features like a heart-rate monitoring seat, allergy-free interior, and the ability to communicate with the cloud and other wireless devices such as your cell phone, letting it perform crazy-future tasks like automatically playing the same music that you were just streaming at your house, heat or cool the interior to an ideal temperature before you get in the car by predicting when you’re going to leave based on your calendar, automatically close the garage door and turn off lights as you pull out of the driveway, and tons of other Jetsons-ish tasks that are bound to make us even lazier.

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The ARC is a concept mobile recovery unit which was designed for the military as a concept by Leong Huang Zi. It is a duo-fan propeller aircraft which would be used for extraction or medivac scenario’s.

Check it out on this link

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Truely awesome!! Ferrari 612 GTO Concept slicker than slick, looks meaner and sportier. I like the new look of the 612 GTO. I hope they end up making it. *squirt* 🙂

You can check out some more pics at this link –

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When Two Wheels Are Better Than Two

This concept bike by designer Igor Chak is something to die for.

Defined lines and curves giving it a mean sleek look and gadgets to titillate your wildest fantasies. I really hope they make this bike. Its something to look forward to. Check out the specs below;

  • Duel Airbags
  • Front Side Crumple Zone
  • Proximity Camera/Braking System
  • Night Vision Front Facing Camera
  • Traction Control
  • 140hp V-Twin Engine made of 50% Heat Resistant Plastic
  • Frame integrated wiring and hose system to minimize bulk and chance of damage
  • Lithium Sulfide powered 60w Electric Engine with a 2 speed gearbox built into the rear rim
  • 6 Speed Clutch with available Auto Transmission
  • Magnetic Brakes
  • Hydraulic Back-Up System
  • Electronically Controlled Brakes, Clutch and Throttle

Check out the full details at;


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Shown in 2004 as a concept, TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4 Limited Edition is now available: made with 170g of platinum, it features cutting edge belt drives, linear mass and ball bearings. If you have money to burn and an avid watch collector this is one to look out for. Ticket price on one of these babies will set you back approx. $97,000…. I know, but look how sexy it is 🙂

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Ruben Vela designer of the DB One Concept and a recent addition to the Aston Martin design team in 2007. He has transformed the classic, sleek, sexy, luxury car and made the designs of the past look like antiques. Not that the Aston Martin wasn’t good enough before but the new found dynamism is worth looking at. Ruben Vela is a Spanish designer who has just finished his Masters Degree in Automotive Design in 2006 from Polytechnic University in Valencia. Based on these designs, I would assume he was amongst the top of his class.

The DB-ONE Concept he designed is widely based on the concept of dynamic lines and smooth curves. The front grille is larger in comparison to the other Aston models and looks quite prominent. The narrow slit headlights define the shape amazingly well.

It is sex on wheels, what I would give to even wash this car. 🙂

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Tokyoflash continue to astound with their watch designs. If produced, the Instant Trend would have a dot-matrix display that pairs with your phone to view tweets and facebook notifications.


This watch looks like something you saw in those futuristic movies. Its amazing to see some of these ideas from 20 years ago come to life.

The time would be a bit annoying to read, “Reading the time is simple, just add the blocks; 12 blocks for hours, 5 blocks for groups of 10 minutes and single minutes 1-9.”, however the design of this watch is fantastic.

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