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When Two Wheels Are Better Than Two

This concept bike by designer Igor Chak is something to die for.

Defined lines and curves giving it a mean sleek look and gadgets to titillate your wildest fantasies. I really hope they make this bike. Its something to look forward to. Check out the specs below;

  • Duel Airbags
  • Front Side Crumple Zone
  • Proximity Camera/Braking System
  • Night Vision Front Facing Camera
  • Traction Control
  • 140hp V-Twin Engine made of 50% Heat Resistant Plastic
  • Frame integrated wiring and hose system to minimize bulk and chance of damage
  • Lithium Sulfide powered 60w Electric Engine with a 2 speed gearbox built into the rear rim
  • 6 Speed Clutch with available Auto Transmission
  • Magnetic Brakes
  • Hydraulic Back-Up System
  • Electronically Controlled Brakes, Clutch and Throttle

Check out the full details at;


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