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If your’e lucky enough to be loaded, Wald’s Black Bison 2003 Bentley Continental GT will push your street cred to blingtastic levels with a new bodykit, exhaust and suspension.

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Dunhill Fighter Provenance Fountain Pen

Inspired by the British Spitfire fighter plane used in WW2, Dunhill’s Fighter Provenance Fountain Pen is a stunning writing instrument crafted from Aluminum used in the casing of the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine used in the actual Spitfires. They’ve also designed the clip after the plane’s propeller and the most striking detail: a plexiglass cap that resembles the Spitfire’s cockpit

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If you like fine dining, Italian food, and spoiling yourself to some of the best fuisions of flavour then this is the restaurant for you.

The place is situated in a corner town house and it really feels like your returning home from a long day…. but with a twist.

Waiters dressed in tuxedo’s, a warm and electric ambience, and a fragrance which just makes your mouth water.

This is truly Italian heaven.

I give this place 5 out of 5 stars.

The price tag is a bit expensive, however its well worth the dollar bills.


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