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Lilly Robbins
Age: 20 • Miami Dolphins

When a team is losing, sometimes the cheer­leaders will still chant, “We’re number one!”Do you condone lying?
Yes, I think it’s OK. We’re there for the fans, to help them get their spirits up. When we’re losing, you can’t be in a frustrated mood, because we’re the ones helping pick them up, telling them that we can come back. We’re the team’s number one fans, so they have to rely on us to keep everyone motivated and optimistic.

What about your fans? Got any crazy ones?
We’ve got these two guys, and they just have every calendar and every picture we’ve ever done. I don’t care if you took a picture with me my rookie year at some random appearance, they have it. And they’ll have it laminated, so that they can pull it out and have you sign it. They carry around all the old calendars in case a former cheerleader is there. They’re harmless, but it’s almost like they want to be us.

I had a guy ask me for one of the girl’s game-worn socks.

Do you have a day job?
I’m a full-time student studying sports broadcasting. I’m going to a community college right now. I have one semester left, and then I’ll hopefully be at FAU [Florida Atlantic University] in the spring. I want to be an interviewer on the sidelines.

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Amanda Carrier

Los Angeles, California

Best thing about L.A.: “I like the attitude out here. Everyone has a goal.”
Worst thing about L.A.: “The parking is way worse than the traffic. Since I moved here I have gotten a million parking tickets. You have to obsess about it: Is there enough money in the meter? It’s a pain.”
Profession: Model/actress
First job: Pizza delivery girl. “I made a lot of money. People were tipping me well.”
Favorite musician: Missy Elliott
Upcoming plans: “I want to go skydiving. I don’t know where this is coming from, but lately I’ve been kind of fearless.”

Many girls move to L.A. and feel overwhelmed. Not Amanda, though—which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows her. After all, Amanda acknowledges she’s been in five “real fistfights.” (That’s two more than Mom!) “When I was growing up, the girls were really jealous and catty,” she recalls, adding, “I always came up the winner.”

Her punching prowess makes sense, for Amanda adores pugilism. “I started boxing a little, and I just love it,” she says. “It’s a great way to relieve stress.”

Turns out that her ring opponents get off easy, for this Louisiana-born beauty has an even more rugged new hobby: firearms. “I like going to the shooting range,” Amanda declares. “I shoot AK-47s. I can handle the throwback. I’m pretty strong.” Watch yourself, California!

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Amber Lancaster

Bellevue, Washington

Day job: Loan coordinator
First job: Frugal’s Drive-Thru Burgers. Oh yeah!
Favorite song: “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
Favorite team: Seattle Seahawks
Favorite drink: Raspberry Stoli and 7-UP Favorite piece of lingerie: Bra and panty set
Best sex advice: “Making a woman happy comes down to one word: foreplay.”
This 23-year-old Washingtonian is beautiful, athletic, and perky, which you probably already know if you’ve caught one of her big-screen performances. No, not at the movies—on the Jumbotron at Seattle’s Qwest Field, where she cheered on the Seahawks for five years. “The best things about Seattle are the coffee, the Space Needle, the Seahawks, and Dick’s—a hamburger chain where you go at 2 A.M.,” Amber says proudly.

If that hometown charm rallies bleachers of football fans, imagine what it does to men who meet her up close. For one date her sexy smile inspired some ill-advised songwriting. “I noticed a file called ‘Amber’ on the computer at his place,” she recalls. “My initials are A.L.L., and the lyrics were, ‘You’re all I ever wanted.’ I was so embarrassed I had to leave!” Too bad for him—but lucky for us she wound up here.

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