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MTV 2010 Music Awards – Les Grossman, Jennifer Lopez & Ludacris

I have to say that this is one of the most random funniest things I’ve seen done for a music awards ceremony.
Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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This is a pretty cool spin on Michael Jacksons popular song “Beat It”.

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Mystery Guitar Man – Fake Instruments

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Gotta love the Asian girl groups 🙂

Its actually kinda catchy…. I have no idea what they are saying though. hahaha

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Gradient’s $6500 Helsinki 1.5 is specifically made for smaller spaces. The wave guides for the midrange and tweeter and open baffle woofer allow for flat response within 1dB from 200Hz – 20kHz.

so…. sexy, it’ll make you want to get naked with it. Playing those smooth soothing beats that just gets you in the right mood.

oooohhhh yeeeaaahhh 🙂

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DJ Daigo

My Hot Friend

Galvanizing Pain

Golden Band

DJ Daigo: Prodigy, Unique, Creative, Original.

These are some words which describe his music. He is truly a genius behind the turntables. This is a person who I would call a real DJ, not just one that plays track to track, but fuses a flavour of sounds into his own unique style.

Its guaranteed that he will bring the house/club/venue down.

A headline act who dwarfs any contenders.

The musician formally known as DJ Daigo, a close friend who has a big heart for his passion. Music.

Check him out on myspace.

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